My passion for birds of prey comes from childhood , with the observation of birds of prey in the wild, and then later falconry; it has become a healthy addiction that takes up a greater part of my days.

Eventually, Falconery lead to captive breeding as means of solving the difficulty I encountered in acquiring some raptor species; small birds of prey in particular. In addition, it also allowed me to continue working with birds of prey during the moulting period - a time when birds are not typically flown.

With captive breeding, main objective has been to provide a solid breeding foundation, with various species, that meets the needs of Iberian Falconers. It is also my hope that my efforts will continue to give strength to the art of Falconery in this sea side country.

In addition to great hunting success, many of the birds bred by me have also shown excellent results in the control of avifauna. As such I have expendaded my services to also include falconry based bird abatement, a service increasingly in demand by avant-garde companies.