Sakers are a very robust. Clearly carved by nature to inhabit the steppes and prairies Asia with great migrations traveling to Europe and Africa . The saker falcon has been used in falconry for thousands of years, and like its very close relative the gryfalcon is a highly regarded falconry bird. Swift and powerful, it is effective against medium and large game bird species. In recent years hybrids of saker falcons and peregrine falcons have been developed in order to provide falconers a bird with greater size and horizontal speed than the peregrine, with greater propensity for diving stoops on game than the saker. Desert Hunters, they are often the bird of choice in in Arab falconry.

Breeding Pairs

I currently have one breeding pair in my installations, it is my hope that they will breed in the near future.

Male weight: 870 g, Female Weight: 1260 g

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